We’re Green

If you are a traveler and ecologically concerned, our hotel implements a number of sustainable and environmentally conscious practices per the LEED/USGBC guidelines. Below is a list of ways our hotel is helping in greening the travel industry and helping our planet:

Water Conservation  

Drip irrigation systems, drought tolerant plants, water efficient plumbing fixtures, pervious surfacing, and rain harvesting are amongst our conscious efforts in saving water.


Diverting recyclables from landfill masses is our top priority to keep our planet healthy for ourselves and future generations.  One of the Housekeeping protocols is to meticulously separate recyclables from trash and food waste. 


Enriching our soil keeps our green spaces alive and healthy.  Our passion lies in composting food waste and organic plant trimmings as we believe sustaining healthy gardens in urban areas help reduce the heat island effect and improve air quality.

Save Energy

At the Palo Alto Lodge, we reduce energy consumption by utilizing energy-efficient light bulbs with high efficacy, energy STAR certified appliances/equipment, and more. 


Purchasing hotel supplies which are eco-friendly, and biodegradable is on the checklist.  As well as limiting the use of pesticides and other toxic chemicals proven to be harmful. This in itself improves indoor and outdoor air quality.

Yearly Donations

Each year we donate clothing, towels, blankets, linens, etc. to be reclaimed and repurposed.